Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Merry Days, Indoors and Out

Ok, I have this idea that has me so excited I can hardly stand it. But since it'll be a while before I have anything to really show for it, I am just going to describe it. And include one draft idea. I want to make a comic version of the Bobbsey Twins books. I know what you're thinking, and it's just not true. I am NOT channeling the spirit of Laura Lee Hope. I just think it would quite a hoot to take these funny old children's books (I have this thing for early 20th century children's serial fiction) and make them into some kind of comic. I am struggling a bit with whether or not it is copyright kosher of me to do this, but many of the original versions are out of copyright, so as long as derive from that text, I should be fine. Anyway, I am working on my characters right now. So far, I have invested five minutes into Bert Bobbsey.


Tina said...

i never read the bobbsey twins. were they like dick and jane sort of?

Janelle said...

Thanks to Joan, we have dozens of these books from my childhood. They look very nice in the library, all in a purple row. I consumed them all!

Sharon said...

Oh, not like Dick and Jane! They are complex narratives about the daily lives of two sets of twins, who find themselvs in a variety of adventures, mysteries, and mishaps in their hometown of Lakeport and other exotic locales.