Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Space Robot!

Since I had my robot epiphany last week or so, I have drawn nothing but robots. I draw them, paint them, and photoshop them. Here is a combination drawn (bristol board and technical pen) and Photoshopped (scanned and then just run-of-the-mill paint bucket) robot. The funny thing is that this is not what the file looks like. I look at it in Windows picture browser or in Photoshop and it looks right (dark blue background, yellow stars, brownish grey moon surface, primary color robot flashy lights and such). But when I upload it here, it changes the colors up entirely. I've experience this a few times here and on my Cafe Press site, and I've never known exactly what does it. I usually resave the original file, and upload again, and that usually fixes it. But this time I decided I like it better this way!

I'd like to think this is what we will find when we try to colonize the moon.


Janelle said...

...but will a toilet flush on the moon? Ask the robot. Then tell J.

Tina said...

i LOVE the robot idea. and these robots. xo, t

Norella said...

these are super robots! but how hot would a robot look to be "hot like a robot"? tee hee!