Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Long Time Coming

Lots of folks manage to both make art and post regularly to blogs. Not me. I am a total slacker and somewhat unfocused. But I am back,and have a few images to prove that I have been busy! These are all acrylic on canvas. The boxing glove is 20"x20", the pink robot is 36"x24", and the scuba diver is 24"x12". I have 15 more like it, all for a show I am hanging in a few weeks.


Steven said...

A show?!! When? Where?

Congrats. This is quite exciting. I think like the scuba-diving robot best.

You should let The Colbert Report know about this show. Stephen Colbert is deathly afraid of robots. Maybe happy nice robots might cure him of this phobia?

Bridget said...

Awesome! Welcome back!!!

Kimberley said...

Sharon! OMG! These are perfect! I love the whimsical framing and positions (although, Rock 'em sock 'em robot is a tad sad making). I'm with Steven...more details on the show! What does that mean?

Sharon said...

More details:

Every semester, the library here at GC hosts a show of work by someone who works here but is not normally known to be an artist. The show series is called "Hidden Talents". So my stuff will be up until December.