Friday, November 16, 2007

Trying Again, plus a comic

I am goal setting. I want to walk 1000 miles in the next year. I want to clean my desk at work. I want to actively be creating enough artwork/illustartions/comics that I have something to post here at least twice a week. My drawing/painting production has ground to a halt because of a rug-hooking project I have been working on. By the time I am done it will probably be 100+ hours invested, but it is very cool and I love it. It's a secret, so I can't post a picture until it has been given to its new owner.

Meanwhile, I am playing with different forms of comics. This is a simple comic made in Illustrator. Neither the comic or the character has a name yet, but I am thinking of "baby".

(click to enlarge)


Steven said...

Love the shoe of the week. Missing Texas?

Dang, girl, that's some goal setting. I should join you on the walking thing. Jeff and I have gotten WAY off track with that -- as in not doing it any more. Walking must happen.

I love baby. You make this kind of stuff look so easy, even though I know it isn't.

Sharon said...

I bought that boot. I fondled that boot and it's supple, supple leather. It's less cowboy-bootish that you think. But it didn't fit. I had to send it back. this was overa year ago and I still miss that boot...