Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Work today

Today at work (real work, the place I get paid to go to and do stuff that I usually don't enjoy very much) I worked on an ongoing project developing little animated public service things for broadcast on the campus TV station. These are silly little cartoons designed to bestow nuggets of IT wisdom onto students. I am working on one about phishing right now. This project is the best thing I do at work and half of why I am still here. Today I made a car salesman. I'll leave it to you to figure out why my phishing cartoon has a car salesman.


Cynthia said...

Are you shopping for a new car? :)

Obsidian Away Team said...

Wow. cool reference. car salesmen have been doing the primitive form of "phishing" forever. Always asking questions and looking for that chink in your armor that will give them the "sensitive information" they need to trick you into buying more car than you need and reel you in.

Did I win?