Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dress Shop

I am not really into photography, but decent digital cameras are now small enough to just carry around in my pocket, which makes it easy to take pictures for use as a photo reference. I am interested in trying to paint some local scenes. I messed around with color and contrast in Photoshop on this one, so it is a little more vivid than the original shot.


Steven said...

Awesome! Didn't you live near there once?...

I need to ask you about your digital camera. The one we bought five years ago is on its last legs and I want a new one. I think I may have talked Jeff into it.

Great picture.

Sharon said...

Yep, I think this was just down the alley. But I took pictures in four different alleys so i am not sure.

We recently got a new camera -- a Canon SD1000 and we love it. Cheap, small, and takes great pictures.

Kimberley said...

Hey! we got the same camera and are totally digging it. No complaints.

Hooray...I have been missing you on my blog strolls.

Been lurking on Steven's tho...;-)