Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yesterday I was reading a blog by a guy who makes cartoons all using a template the size of a business card. He started out doing them on the backs of actual business cards. I really liked all the stuff he had to say about creativity, and I like his bigger paintings a lot also. He was a little self-congratulatory about the uniqueness of his business card idea. Although I do like the idea of picking a format and sticking with it and using that format as part of one's schtick. I have two boxes of business cards laying around my office. Half of them have my old title. Even the ones that have my current title are kind of useless -- I give out business cards maybe once a year to two people. This box will last forever. So my big idea was...to cut them in half. Oooohhh, I hear all the rumblings of astonishment at my vastly superior creativity.


Steven said...

Dude, my business cards are so old the colors are starting to fade. Great use for them!

Kristen Eyssell said...

I make grocery lists on my business cards! They work quite well!

Kimberley said...

business cards are so twen cen. now half business cards...that is fresh.