Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, this is just a prototype. The painting on the front is sloppy and incomplete. I have been working on the idea of robot ornaments. These are just little blocks of wood that I sanded the edges on and painted metallic gray. Screws for arms and legs and such. I'll make a better one tommorow, but right now I have to do other stuff.

p.s. although skeletons and robots have NOTHING in common, I was compelled to put this up after seeing a skeleton my sister made ( and posted on her blog. It is the COOLEST skeleton ever.


Kristina said...

Very cute "robop".

Kimberley said...

OMG, Sharon. I need one. Please please please can I have one?

Kimberley said...

Hey Sharon! Crank the Robot ornaments on Etsy! Come on.