Friday, September 18, 2009

Robot and Camel

I have been an infrequent poster, but I have been working on stuff. In addition to more birds, some birdhouses, some portraits (taken from my all-time favorite mugshot collection book), a paper robot for Owen, etc., etc., etc., I made my first complete comic book. It took a long time because at first I was trying to make a camel that looked good. But I was over-obsessing about the camel, so I made myself trace over the draft I had -- using pretty much a stick-figure version of a robot and a camel. The idea was to just finish it and move on to the next one. I had digitized it, cleaned it up, and made color version -- but then lost my hard drive so that was that. I stopped working on it for a while. Today I scanned it, cleaned up a few little spots, altered the size so that I could lay it out on a landscape-oriented 8.5"x11" page, laid it out, printed it, then took it to the copier to do a back-to-back copy. Copied it a few times, assembled, folded, and now I am done! All that took less than hour. Then I converted the original-sized scans to pdf to make a pdf version. It's all black-and-white, very simple, but IT's DONE!!!!

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Steven said...

Wow is right. That's really clever. I like the stick-figureness. And the obsessive need to understand the bus schedule reminds me of me.

More, please!