Thursday, December 03, 2009

I have hardly been posting...

...lately. I spent my spare time in November writing a novel (middle-grade children's adventure story). A bad, horrid, repetitive, poorly written, confusing thing, but it's 50,000 words and I've never accomplished that before. I'll try again in a few months, this time looking a little more at quality than quantity.

Meanwhile, I have some artwork to finish for Christmas presents. I carved a new block for a small chicken print today over my lunch hour (or so), and tonight will do a run of prints. You may recall the original little chicken from a previous post. I'll post the new chickens once I am done.


Gretchen said...

rock on Sharon!

Shelly I said...

I love that you did the NaNoWriMo (or whatever it's called). I read about it at the time, and know someone who participated and is self-publishing the result, soon to be available on Amazon.

I'm very interested in your novel writing experience. Did you enjoy it? Hate it? Have to drag yourself to the computer or away from it?

I started writing a year ago, and wrote 3 novels by June. Oy. I am now laboriously turning them into readable works. :-)