Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Graphic Design

While I don't have any real interest in being a graphic designer, I do occasional dabble in it. I have two recent attempts at creating a graphic identity of sorts for creative folks that I know.

First, many months ago I started working with my sister for a logo for her studio/gallery/art education space. She had a name she'd been using, but now she was renting a space and planning on moving forward. So with the name "Bird's Nest Studio" and not much else, I started working out some logo ideas for her. I think she was happy with the outcome. I adore her studio.

Here's the logo up close and personal:

Next, I worked on a logo for Janelle to use for a sock pattern she was developing with the intention to enter into a contest and make available via Ravelry. This one was much harder -- there are so many knitters, pattern designers, fiber stores etc. with knitting/yarn-related logos that it was impossible to come up with anything original. in the end, I just embraced unoriginality and went with some balls of yarn. I at least drew them myself. But the final pattern looked good, so I was happy enough with it. What you see below is badly pixelated (this is why I am not a graphic designer -- too much fiddly stuff to make stuff look right for the web) but the version that is used for the pattern is not.

Anybody else need a logo?


Steven said...

I saw your sister's post before this one. I'd wondered if you'd made the sign. Both of these logos look great!

Janelle said...

Can we hang a big sign version of mine on our house?

Jennifer Pierson said...

I LOVE MY LOGO!!!! And yes I tell everyone who asks that my sister designed my logo. I love your designs.

Kristina said...

I love both logos! They are fantastic. If you are so inclined, you can start brainstorming a logo for "accounting stitches". Ask Janelle for more info if needed.