Monday, May 17, 2010

Three things

1. Owen made a comic book of his own -- Robot and Camel 2: Robot and Camel Meet Stickman. With the exception of the drawing of the robot and camel on the title page, Owen did everything else himself. It's very cool! You'll need to print it to read it, probably, since the pdf file is sideways.

2. The watercolor/ink drawing that I posted about earlier did get selected for the Adams county Art council annual show. Even just a few years ago this didn't mean all that much to me, but each year it gets slightly more selective. This year, there were 257 submissions by 95 artists. Only 50 items were selected for the show (which now takes place as part of the Gettysburg Festival and is hung in the gallery on campus), so I feel like that means something. I am getting it decently framed so it'll look professional. Feel free to come visit between June 18 and 27 and take a look!

3. Only three days left before the Klondike Bertha deadline! Even though there is not actually any chance the project will really hit its goal, all of you who pledged will still get a secret suprise of some sort.


Jennifer Pierson said...

oh my gosh what a fun post!

Steven said...

Hah! I love Robot and Camel and Stickman. My favorite part? "Run!" -- "Wait, I'm nice!"

This is very good. I can't wait to see more of their adventures.

Bridget said...

ALL very cool!

Cinda said...

Congratulations! It is an honor to get accepted for the art show! See you there!

Kudos to Owen!