Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Books!

Recently, I took an introductory bookbinding class. It was offered at this cool studio in the D.C. area (Pyramid Atlantic Art Center) and I just took the plunge and signed up. The drive down is normal rush-hour miserable, but the drive back takes only about an hour and fifteen minutes, so as a whole I didn't think it was too far. I had great fun, and learned some simple bindings. I signed up for the next class -- Intermediate Bookbinding -- where I will learn some multiple signature hard cover binding. I can't wait.

The first example here is a small accordion-bound book. I covered the hard board with decorative paper and then glued in the accordion-folded in pages.
Accordion bound book
Accordion bound book
These are Japanese stab-bound notebooks. It's a simple method that can be used to make simple books like these or can be used with much more complex sewing and embellished surfaces for a pretty fancy book.
Japanese stab bound notebppks
My favorite was the pamphlet binding. These are little notebooks/sketchbooks that consist of one signature (group of nested pages) sewn through the middle. I made the two with red and robots during the class and the two chicken ones at home (using a chicken I originally used for a block print and a tiny heart stamper). Most of these use a folded cover to make the edges stronger. For the second one I made at home, I didn't fold the cover edges and instead I used a corner-rounder from Janelle's stash of scrapbook tools to make those nice neat corners. This one also has a thicker drawing paper in it rather than just regular printer bond.
Two pamphlet-stich notebooks
Love Chicken notebook
Love Chicken sketchbook
Lots of fun!


Steven said...

These are so, so cool! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Janelle said...

Love Chicken #1 is MINE, all MINE!

Um, you have like 11 people who read your blog. :)