Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blue Sketchbook

This is my first multiple signature book that I have made at home rather than in class. I made a few mistakes, but it's a good start. The decorative paper is a very rich, bright blue and the inside signatures are a nice heavy drawing paper. The chicken image was cut into the board cover before I covered it in the paper.
blue chicken book -- front cover

This one was bound using the longstitch method. I cut strips of flexible backing and covered them with the same blue decorative paper as the covers, then glue them to the inside of the cover. Then I added a nice green endpaper to the inside of the covers. If the book were any bigger this wouldn't work because these strips wouldn't be tough enough to support the weight of the signatures inside. I should have made the top strips align with the signatures because I think they might tear, but live and learn!
blue chicken book  -- spine

I did a kind of fake debossing method -- I cut the chicken design then peeled out layers of the bookboard until it was deep enough. After gluing down the paper, I burnished in the design a bit more. I'll use this method again but next time with a thicker paper (can press in harder) and a less busy design on the paper.
blue chicken book -- debossed chicken

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