Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leather Sketchbook

I haven't been doing much of anything lately -- work is taking up about half my evenings and the other half I just want to watch tv (although I have been working on the monkey rug while I watch tv -- stay tuned because one day I might finish it and post a picture!). I made this sketchbook about three weeks ago.
leather sketchbook side view
leather sketchbook screwpost fastener
Super simple construction -- it took longer to cut and fold and punch the signatures than it did to make the cover and bind it since the cover is just a trimmed piece of thick leather. The binding is a longstitch. It's a little uneven because the leather was so stiff and I was sewing through a slit rather than having open slots like in the small leather book I posted about earlier. The cover flap uses a screw post thing (it looks like a two headed screw) like a button. The button hole is still a little stiff so I mostly just unscrew the screwpost, open or close it, and then screw it back on.


Steven said...

Nice. I bet it smells good.

Sharon said...

smells like dead cow! just kidding. leathery.