Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paint drawings and my new paint pens

I discovered a new art supply last week -- Posca paint pens -- and I am now obsessed with them.  As many of you know, most of my interest in making art really comes from my obsession with art supplies. I can't get new ones unless I use up at least some of what I have, so I keep making new things.

Posca pens
I even took a picture of them, I love them so much.

Assorted small paint drawings
The top is a 6"x12" canvas, left is a small robot on watercolor paper, and to the right is an owl on gessoed 5"x5" mdf board.  Each was incredibly quick and easy to do since it felt like drawing rather than painting. 

robot painting
Just the robot painting.

robot painting detail
Detail from the robot painting -- a couple inches wide.  I can get really nice detail with the fine point pen, and the paint dries so fast that it's easy to add detail on top of freshly-painted layers.

Stay tuned -- the new pens re-invigorated my birdhouse project and my small wood cube project, so when I am finished with a few of those I'll post them.

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