Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Chickens and Photoshop

chicken outline onlybarred-rock-chicken

I am a very slow drawer, and not all that great at it. I'm decent enough with painting, color, composition, etc. and enjoy that part more. While old-school folks may think it's cheating, I often use various crutches to speed up the drawing part of any project so that I can move along to the other parts that I enjoy more. There's nothing new in this -- even the old masters used the technology of the day to facilitate the accuracy of their rendering.  I happen to use the computer.  I can start with a trace or something drawn from scratch, scan it, make it bigger (or smaller), print it out again, and trace or transfer it onto another surface. I can take an image someone else made (adhering to copyright, of course), trace it in Photoshop (hand-traced, at least, with a stylus and Wacom tablet), then totally rework it to fit my current needs. The end results are really drawn with my own hand, although I did not actually draw people or chickens or whatever from real life as they were posed in front of me. Chickens don't stand still. Plus, the big advantage of a digital version is that I can try out different style and ideas fairly quickly.

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Steven said...

Nice chickens! It doesn't sound like cheating at all to me. BTW -- I really like your new blog layout.