Friday, January 12, 2007


For the past few nights I have been making non-robot drawings. But none of them are finished so I can't scan and post.

One of the things I do with the robot draings is sketch on vellum. I tear up tracing paper by drawing too hard and erasing too hard, so I don't like it, but vellum is much thicker. The nice thing is that I can make a drawing, tweak it a little, then fold over the paper and trace to get a cleaner version, or fold the paper to get one side to match up with the other. I also like that I know from the start that when I am drawing on vellum it is just a preparatory drawing. When I draw on paper I get trapped into thinking whatever I draw has to be perfect and finished, even if it is just intended as a plan for a painting. Then I get stuck and don't finish. But with the vellum I know it's not meant to be a finished piece, so I loosen up a little. Anyway, here's a scan of some sketches I did one day a few weeks ago.


Steven said...

Do you mean like real sheepskin? That kind of vellum?

All things considered, you guys should get some sheep.

Sharon said...

Nah, it's paper. Drafting vellum. It's like a thick see-through paper.