Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New banner

I'm playing around with my banner. I liked the new one until I actually posted it, but now I worry that the gnome looks like he is spraying the world with a firehose or, er, something. So feedback please?


kmart said...

Overall I like it, but it isn't necessarily obvious that it is a paintbrush. By the way that he is holding it it might be a gun. Maybe just revise the way his hands are positioned and also try to distinguish between the brush and his belt. Good luck.

Steven said...

Cool image! I love red, but with all the recent mass shootings in the news, my mind immediately "went there." Maybe a different paint color?

But I like it.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the feedback! I think I am going to redo the gnome so that he is holding the brush in one hand, planted on the ground brush-end up, like he's done with a big job. We'll see how that turns out!