Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Quantity, not quality

I've been drawing quite a bit lately. I have three sketchbooks going right now. One is a small 5" square hardback sketchbook that I mostly practice brush inking in. One is an old copy of an Agatha Christie novel that I draw a picture on each page (just fronts) based on something in the text for each page. It's a little exercise I am doing with my friend John. His cartoons are better than mine, but I am having fun with it. My third book is a three-ring binder filled with hole-punched copy paper. This is where I have been doing the most work -- I just carry it around and do line drawings every chance I get. This one is about practicing seeing and drawing and about letting go of the idea that I can't draw. If a picture sucks, then so what, I flip the page and start the next one. A couple I have liked, most are crap, but it's getting easier every day. If I had a scanner, I'd post these more regularly, but I have to fight with the undergrads for the computers connected to scanners here at work, and today was the first day I got on one in a week. Maybe I'll do a little scanner research today.


Steven said...

Love the drawing of the drawing of your legs. I can just imagine you sitting there like that!

Don't worry -- you can draw.

Jennifer Pierson said...

your line is your line ...that is all drawing this enough and you will see a style that is unique to you. Look at a collection of works from any artist and you will see the 'mistakes" that make their work theirs and that only a few draw technically "right". Just my thought