Monday, April 13, 2009

Help me choose

Help me choose. I need to pick one of these to submit to the Adams County Art Council annual show. My other submission is the bigger painting I posted earlier today. This collection here consists of all small things, but they are not in scale with each other. The cars are both 6"x12". The skinny abstracts are 2 or 3" by 10", and the landscape is actually 3"x5". The works on paper would be framed, probably in a black frame with a wide white mat. the two cars would be framed in a simple black frame. Try to picture them that way. Oh, and first person to respond gets one of these!


Steven said...

I would submit the first one in this post.

Did I win?

Sharon said...

Yep, you win. I'll choose one that isn't the one I submit, and it is all yours!