Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have been grumbling about wanting a scanner for some time, and I finally bought one! It took me just a few minutes to install the drivers, set the thing up, and run a test scan. It took longer for Photoshop to open than it did to set up the scanner.
Unfortunately, the thing has a pretty big footprint, but I figured out that it fits perfectly on the shelf above the computer area. It's not like we'll scan every day or anything, so pulling it down the the desk to do some scans shouldn't be any trouble.

This pleases me. I think I'll be able to post more stuff if I can scan it here rather than having to bring it to work and jockey for access to a scanner.

I pulled something out of a box of older drawings for my test scan.


Steven said...

Here are the "A" words I see

asparagus (that's what I've decided those wavy lines are -- maybe alfalfa?)
azure sky
Apollo the sun god

Fun! Did you do any more alphabet things? I just LOVE that there is an ambulance in this picture.

Sharon said...

Oh man, you're going to love my B and C pictures, then!

Apex, Asaparagus, and Apollo were unintentional, but good ideas!